Specialized Master® Cybersecurity

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Contact 4, rue Alfred Kastler - La Chantrerie, CS 20722, Nantes , 44307, Pays de la Loire, France


The Cybersecurity Specialized Master is co-accredited with CentraleSupélec. The students of the specialized master obtain a diploma issued jointly by the two schools and benefit from the advantages of each of them: internship offers, alumni associations, employment forum... The training is delivered on the Rennes campuses of IMT Atlantique and CentraleSupélec, by teacher-researchers from the "Systems, Networks, Cybersecurity and Digital Law" department of IMT Atlantique and the "CIDre: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Distribution” from CentraleSupélec, in line with the very latest scientific advances. In addition to the teaching provided by these teacher-researchers, many technical experts from companies in the field also come to share their expertise and experience for learners of the Cybersecurity Specialized Masters. These partners participate in the definition and execution of the program in order to fully meet the expectations of the professional world and thus train highly qualified executives able to understand, in all their dimensions, the problems related to the security of information systems.

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Category of Education Computer Sciense and IT
Sectors Information and communication
Classification Telecommunications, Computer programming, consultancy and related activities


IMT Atlantique


4, rue Alfred Kastler - La Chantrerie, CS 20722, Nantes , 44307, Pays de la Loire, France

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