Survey Research Methodology

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The course aims at providing Master Students, who are in the process of preparing their Master Thesis, with the basic knowledge about survey research methodology, which is a very popular and valuable method for collecting structured data from a high number of respondents. The course will cover the whole process, from the definition of the research model to data analysis, providing a high level overview. You can access the course absolutely free of charge and completely online. PREREQUISITES No prerequisite knowledge is required, but a basic understanding of the fundamentals of statistics is useful. DISCUSSION FORUM The forum of this MOOC is freely accessible and participation is not guided; you can use it to compare yourself with other participants, or to discuss course contents with them. QUIZZES AND SCORES The course is organized into different weeks and modules. At the end of the course, you will find a quiz to check your understanding. CERTIFICATE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT The Certificate of Accomplishment will be released to anyone who successfully completed the course by answering correctly to at least 60% of the questions. You will be able to download the Certificate of Accomplishment directly on the website. Once you have successfully passed the course, you can request the Certificate of Accomplishment without waiting for the end of the edition. The Certificate of Accomplishment does not confer any academic credit, grade or degree.

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Category of Education Social Science