PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Price: 1382 EUR 1382 EUR
Contact Paço das Escolas, Coimbra , 3004-531, Coimbra, Portugal +351 (239) 859 810


It is intended the holders of a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer become entitled to act in sectors that require high scientific and technological competencies in the areas of expertise of the course (which are: Automation and Robotics, Computers and Electronics Energy, Materials and Devices and Telecommunications) particularly in higher education, laboratories and research institutes, industrial enterprises and services and public administration. It will be sought to encourage doctoral students in the
desirable abilities concerning innovation, research and updating in a perspective of internationalization and strengthening of the national technological capacity. It is also intended that the research work of the students be strongly interconnected with the research activities of the associated research units, recognized by FCT, namely ISR-Coimbra, IT – Coimbra, INESC Coimbra and CEMUC, as well as with R&D projects contracted directly by FCTUC-UC.

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Category of Education Computer Sciense and IT


Paço das Escolas, Coimbra , 3004-531, Coimbra, Portugal