Master's Degree in CHEMISTRY

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Price: 4628 EUR 4628 EUR
Contact Via Ravasi, 2, Varese , 21100, Lombardia, Italy
+39 0332 219 001


Chemistry is a basic science in continuous evolution, with strong implications in every aspect of human life, the environment, nature and the technological development of society. Research in the chemical field is focused on the design, preparation and study of innovative processes and materials in numerous sectors - with implications for both basic research and industrial applications. In a society that looks not only at technological development, but also at health and eco-sustainability, Chemistry plays a fundamental role in the optimization of industrial processes with low environmental impact (green chemistry), in recycling processes (circular economy) , in the search for renewable energy sources.

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Category of Education Chemistry


Via Ravasi, 2, Varese , 21100, Lombardia, Italy