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Contact Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24, Torino , 10129, Piemonte, Italy


Numerous scientific and humanistic disciplines are today strongly characterized by the massive use of digital data, mainly used in the analyzes underlying decision-making processes. The Degree course in Data Science and Engineering aims to train interdisciplinary professional figures (data scientist or data engineer) able to correctly collect and then refine, analyze, interpret and enhance consistent quantities of highly complex data, making them available effectively for subsequent decision-making procedures. To facilitate entry into companies and / or research centers with an international scope, all courses are held in English. The training course includes a first year characterized by the presence of compulsory courses in the following sectors: (i) "data-driven" processes, (ii) methodologies and technologies for the acquisition, storage, analysis and display of information, (iii) predictive and non-predictive models, based on machine learning algorithms, (iv) mathematical and probabilistic-statistical models for the representation, transformation and modeling of data (v) stochastic models, (vi) optimization and (vii) management of ethics in data analysis and data protection processes. During the second year the student characterizes his or her training through the autonomous choice of courses that allow him to complete his specialized training in some application areas. During the second year there is a compulsory course focused on innovation management and the extraction of value from data. The didactic regulations of the Degree Program and the educational offer will be such as to allow students who wish to follow training courses in which there is an adequate amount of credits in related and supplementary sectors that are not already characteristic. The master's training ends with the preparation and discussion of a written thesis.

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Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24, Torino , 10129, Piemonte, Italy

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