Biochemistry (Master of Science, single subject)

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Contact Regina Pacis Weg 3, D-53012 Bonn, Germany


Biochemistry, which studies the molecules of life, connects the fields of chemistry, biology, physiology and biophysics as the basis of the life sciences. Biochemistry is about the analysis of biochemical systems as well as the reconstruction of biological systems through synthetic biochemistry.

In the master’s program in Biochemistry, students receive theoretical and practical training in the core areas of biochemistry on the basis of state-of-the-art biochemical research using lecture series, method courses and laboratory rotations at the University of Bonn and partner institutions. In addition, in-depth knowledge of the chemical biology of nucleic acids, lipids, lipidomics and metabolomics, membrane protein biophysics and the biochemical basis of neurophysiology is imparted. During their studies, students use the latest technologies and methods and are supervised by experienced and internationally renowned scientists.

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Category of Education Life Science and Biology, Chemistry


University of Bonn


Regina Pacis Weg 3, D-53012 Bonn, Germany