Bachelor's Programme Civil Engineering

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Price: 2992 EUR 2992 EUR
Contact Austria
Karlsplatz 13, Vienna , 1040, Vienna, Austria


You will get a comprehensive overview and insight into all areas of civil engineering: from structural engineering, construction industry and geotechnics to infrastructure management, with road and railroad engineering, resource management and hydraulic engineering. Sound methodological as well as natural and engineering science knowledge is imparted. Great importance is attached to basic subjects such as mathematics, mechanics, structural analysis, engineering hydrology, construction industry and construction project management. Analytical and interdisciplinary thinking will be trained. You will acquire skills and competencies to recognize and assess the interaction between technical developments and the environment. Semesters abroad are possible during the Bachelor's Programme.

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Category of Education Technology and Engineering
Sectors Construction
Classification Civil engineering


TU Wien


Austria Karlsplatz 13, Vienna , 1040, Vienna, Austria

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