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How to prioritize things in your life?

Priority, if we talk about priorities we can think about many things that are our priorities like family, money, health, education, relations, food, etc, there isn't any end to priorities, we can keep on discussing our priorities. But if we go deep into the beginning of our lives, education is the most important priority for everyone. Although it was not decided by us it was the most important for us.

Now if we talk about education, do you remember, what did we start with? Yes, we started with the language, English language.

English language is the language that is spoken and understood all over the world. We also call it a Global language. In today's scenario, people love to listen and speak the English language because if they want to prove themselves or get success then they need to speak and understand this language. This is the language that is accepted worldwide and you will be considered an intellectual person only if you speak and understand this language. In almost every sphere of life, we feel the need for the English language. People consider it as a medium of Global communication, access to information, media language, the key to success, and much more. There are several other benefits of speaking this language.

The Importance of the English Language

Here I am going to discuss some of the key points of Speaking the English language. If a person is strong at communication, he can easily win debates, negotiations, and conversations be it formal or informal, and to reach this position one should also be aware of the language that is recognized by everyone. So to win these types of conversations one should know how to speak English confidently and fluently. The English language can make you stand out from the crowd, especially in non-English speaking countries where people are not willing to initiate in the English language. In non-English speaking countries if a person speaks good English then it will be an extra edge to him and he will be the first choice of every company. Nowadays people are hired not just for their skills or knowledge but also for communication, they need strong communication skills. In any interview communication is the foremost criteria that help you to be hired or not.

Global Communication – In the previous paragraph we discussed the importance of speaking English and considered it as a global language because since history, English language was the most admired language and people got recognition only if they were good at this language. It has now become a priority or necessity for all to speak English fluently because it helps us to communicate on a global level. You will be allowed to enter any boundaries if you speak English. This language is the language of most Western countries. You can convey your messages easily, get jobs, and present yourself in these English-speaking countries. It adds to your personality if you speak English without any hesitation. English helps you to express your ideas, manage conversations, and enjoy anywhere in the world.

Access to Information: A huge amount of information on the internet is available in English. A person can access that information only if the person is good at the English language. Being proficient in the English language enables a person to access a wealth of knowledge, research, and educational resources, contributing to personal and professional development and prioritizing their life accordingly without any fear of loss. It is very well said "Knowledge is power " so a person can only be powerful when he/she has access to information and that comes with the English language. The right information at the right time is the key to success. Opportunities knock on the doors of those who know how to access the information and you can only access the information when you are equipped with the English language.

Media's language: The fact that the English language is considered the media's language is very well known by every individual because the most common way to access information is Google Search nowadays. If anyone wants any information he will directly go and search it on Google where whatever he searches the results will be in English language but if he is unable to read or understand English language, it will be a total loss of time and a person will have to wait or look for other options that he will hardly find.


To conclude, English's importance as a global language is undeniable, providing a platform for international communication and collaboration, easy access to information and much more. So it becomes a necessity to be fluent in the English language and in Delhi, O3 Online Spoken English Classes is the platform that helps people to learn and speak this language confidently. Last but not least; English is the only language that can connect anyone to great opportunities, world-class access to knowledge, power, and hospitality.


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Author- I am Amrita Kaur, I am an Online Spoken English Trainer, I teach students how to speak English. I am passionate about my profession there is only to give more and more. We are earning while learning.

Amrita Kaur

Online Spoken English Facilitator

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