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Roskilde University is a public, research-driven university founded in 1972. The university builds on innovative and student-centred forms of learning, strong interdisciplinary research environments, and a shared focus on the great social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges in the world around us.

Roskilde University offers English-taught undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programmes within social sciences, business studies, arts and humanities, science, technology, health care and environmental assessment.

The university employs 570 researchers at four departments: Communication and Arts, People and Technology, Science and Environment, Social Sciences and Business.

Educational principles includes interdisciplinarity, problem-oriented project work, participant direction and joint responsibility. From enrolment to graduation, students learn to identify and define problems scientifically, assess and select the relevant theories and methods, and conduct independent scientific analyses.

Half of the student’s time is spent in a project group under the supervision of a researcher. The students define a problem and present arguments for solutions through scientific exploration. The problems defined in project work often target real life challenges in the surrounding world, thereby bridging the gap between academia and society. The other half of the student’s time is devoted to courses in subject-specific methodology and theory.

International students at Roskilde University learn methods and theories within their subject fields, they acquire skills in project management and they encounter Danish culture in an informal, creative and democratic student environment.

On arrival at Roskilde University, students are assigned a personal mentor and they enrol on a 2-week foundation course that ensures they receive the best possible introduction to Roskilde University and to Denmark.

Roskilde University consists of one large campus area, which includes a large research library, a state-of-the-art laboratory building, a student house, organic canteen, sports club, International Student Club and many outdoor facilities etc.

The campus is located at the outskirts of the city of Roskilde. Roskilde hosts one of Europe's largest culture and music festivals, the Roskilde Festival. The city has a rich social and recreational life and more than one thousand years of history as an important harbour and trading city, dating back to the Viking era. Roskilde is a mere 25 minutes by train from the Danish capital Copenhagen.

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Category of Education Business and Economics, Computer Sciense, IT and Communication, Medicine and Healthcare, Life Science and Biology, Social Science, Physical Science, Arts and Humanities, Education, Psychology


Universitetsvej 1, Postboks 260, Roskilde , 4000, Region Zealand, Denmark