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Computers and programs have changed all fields, but the most common way to write computer programs is to enter a character at a time from the keyboard. This is a laborious and bias-prone approach. Writing programs by hand is expensive and requires knowledge of the programming language used. For this reason, easy-to-use graphical tools have been developed to create web pages, for example, that allow you to create pages by assembling images, text, buttons, and other page components with a mouse. Programming languages ​​are, in fact, an intermediate layer to the internal language of a computer, the purpose of which is to facilitate human work - programming in a machine language is cryptographic. The information and logical structure of each computer program can be represented in ways other than by the characters on the keyboard and, accordingly, there is nothing to prevent the intermediate layer from being implemented differently. A natural solution that would speed up programming and reduce the number of unintentional errors would provide significant cost benefits. It would lead to a similar change in information technology that the first iPhone with its touch screens brought to phones.

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Category of Education Computer Sciense, IT and Communication
Sectors Information and communication
Classification Computer programming, consultancy and related activities


PO Box 35, Jyväskylä , 40014, Central Finland, Finland

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