PhD track in Physics

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As our world faces tremendous challenges related to environmental needs, energy, transport, information technologies, biotechnology or space engineering, physics provides both a means to address some of the most urgent societal issues and a marvelous intellectual challenge. Physics, in synergy with chemistry, materials science, biology, pure and applied mathematics, computer science, mechanical engineering or economics has been and will remain the driving force for technological progress. Thanks to its versatile methodologies it is moreover a key tool even for problems that are inherent to these neighboring disciplines. Last but not least, physics harbors some of the most mind-bugling scientific revolutions of the last century, such as quantum mechanics or relativity, providing us breathtaking insights into the structure of matter, the nature of light, the life of stars or the Big Bang. Modern research is both a consequence and a direct continuation of this intellectual adventure, continuing the quest for understanding the world around us.

The Institut Polytechnique de Paris with its world-class Research Center covering all fields of physics as well as its interfaces with chemistry, pure and applied mathematics, biology, mechanical engineering, computer science or economics provides a unique environment for students motivated by a PhD Track program.

This five-year PhD Track starts with a two-year period with advanced courses related to the chosen field of study. Students also participate in research projects carried out by Institut Polytechnique de Paris Laboratories involved in the track and attend research seminars. Supervised by faculty or senior  researchers, they benefit from first-class research experience. At the end of the second year, the students who meet the academic requirements receive a Master Degree. Those who have achieved outstanding results and identified a thesis subject and a supervisor in one of the involved Labs are allowed to start a three-year PhD program.

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46 rue Barrault F-75634 Paris, Cedex 13, France

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