Mechatronics Engineering

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Contact Via Cracovia snc, Rome, 00133, Italy


The training project is based on three basic disciplines: Electronics, Mechanics and Automatics, and the activities envisaged provide the students with the tools necessary for the integrated development of a mechatronic system, for which it is necessary to guarantee an integrated design approach between Mechanics and Electronic. The Degree is characterized by an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the basic disciplines of electronics and modern mechanics, and on the other by the skills that make it able to appreciate and further develop the changes and innovations of a sector In particular, the student’s skills are developed in the fields of electronic design (digital and analogue, including RF), power electronics (required for the implementation), sensory (for measurement and transduction of the involved physical quantities), robotics (both mechanical and control), combustion engines, automation and control. In addition to these increased skills, which are to expand or supplement existing training, will provide further insights into student choices, further enhancing the analytical and understanding skills of the mechatronics engineer. The course is organized in 3 separate curricula, which deepen specific professional skills: Electronics, Mechanics, Systems.

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Category of Education Technology and Engineering
Sectors Manufacturing
Classification Other manufacturing


Via Cracovia snc, Rome, 00133, Italy