Master's Degree in MATHEMATICS

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Contact Via Ravasi, 2, Varese , 21100, Lombardia, Italy
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Studying mathematics means measuring oneself with abstract concepts and testing the potential of thinking at the highest level. Precisely for this reason, the graduate in mathematics manages to be successful in the most disparate fields. The mathematician is able to analyze problems, build models, look for connections between concepts, imagine unexpected and unconventional solutions . More and more, the skills of the mathematics graduate are sought not only by companies interested in applied research, but also in the managerial and organizational fields, in the construction of models in the financial, banking or insurance sectors, in service companies, for development or the application of software, to extract meaning and decision-making tools through the analysis of huge amounts of data. The study of mathematics builds and strengthens the mechanisms of abstract thinking, which allow the development of flexible working tools, enabling the future graduate to adapt without difficulty to a world in constant evolution, to learn new techniques, to respond to new challenges. This approach has been implemented since the first years of study. In mathematics courses, you will be asked for a critical, autonomous and creative study . There will be no big books to memorize, instead there will be concepts to understand, ponder and apply independently. Furthermore, you will learn to communicate problems, ideas and solutions in a clear and rigorous way and to converse , both in Italian and English, with experts from other sectors. By studying Mathematics at Insubria you will be able to plan a highly individualized course of study , characterized by strong flexibility. The classes are not crowded and this allows a strong interaction between students and teachers, PhD students and post-doc students , in a very informal and enthusiastic environment. You will be able to follow your inclinations, reaching a high degree of depth in the area that will most attract your interest. The degree course makes use of a teaching staff successfully engaged in cutting-edge research in various fields of pure and applied mathematics, whose high scientific level translates into quality teaching, attentive to the development of the most advanced research . In addition to the teachers of the mathematics area, the degree course can also count on the interdisciplinary contribution of the teachers of the physics, computer science area and of the Department of Economics. The extensive network of international contacts of our professors favors the placement abroad of our graduates and the choice of a career in the field of research . Moreover, our department is often visited by foreign professors who offer seminars and courses on the occasion, such as Prof. Lafforgue (Fields medal in 2002). In addition, students can access two dual degree programs, with the Linnæus University (Sweden) and the University of Italian Switzerland, which provide for six-month stays in these universities organized by the University. This is facilitated by the fact that all courses in the degree program are taught in English .

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Via Ravasi, 2, Varese , 21100, Lombardia, Italy

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