North Indian Classical Music II: Raga Composition and Development

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This course takes a student beyond the basic physical construction of the Raga and Tala, and helps understand the aesthetic principles, which are later used for development during a performance.The course begins with a closer and more detailed look at the Raga, and explains the concepts of Chalan of a Raga, and the relative importance of musical notes used, through the Vaadi and Samvaadi swara. Later on, the course will explain the language of the Tabla, and how this is used to aesthetically structure the Awartan of the Tala. This also explains how the Tala is expressed as a Theka for a Khayal accompaniment.The two frames of the Raga and the Tala come together to form the Bandish, the composition. The course explains the need for this, and how this happens, with a lyric also being included in the composition.The continuous spectrum of the tempo of compositions, ranging from the slowest, the Vilambit, through the Madhya, on to the fastest, the Druta is explained through illustrations. We then go on to understand the internal structure of the Bandish, and how the Bandish becomes a tool for development during a performance.In addition to quizzes and assessment exercises, this course also contains practice lessons to reinforce concepts that are discussed.This course was developed in collaboration with Ragasphere and practical performance assignments are powered by MusicCritic.

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