Information Technology and Management

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Understanding the complex scenario that we face today in the face of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) requires, first of all, a broad understanding of the concept of technology. Being transversal to all areas in which the human being develops and due to its constant development, technical progress has permanently restructured the society in which we live – just look at revolutions such as the invention of the printing press, electricity or, even the invention of writing. The adoption of new technical devices implies breaking the conventional flow of work and interaction with the environment in order to appropriate new interfaces that shorten the gap between our tasks and their performance. Technology forces us to constantly update the way we relate to it, The course addresses the multidimensionality of technology focused on the human perspective and having as its main axis the search for a better process of adoption and transfer of these. The study of this phenomenon addresses the interaction and dialogue between culture, human beings, language and the decision-making process in order to model and understand how people understand and relate to their environment. Likewise, the ways of approaching the knowledge capture process, its storage and the dynamics, complexity and risk of computer systems are studied.

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Chile Avenida Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins Nº 340