Influenza: How the Flu Spreads and Evolves

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Understand influenza past to present. Since 1918, our understanding of the influenza virus has come a long way. We can now trace how the pandemics of the last hundred years originated and model the evolution of the virus from year to year, aiding vaccine design. On this course you will explore everything from the history of influenza to modern laboratory diagnostics and vaccination. You will go inside the laboratory as well as contributing your own experiences of flu. Together we can build a greater understanding of flu, and work to help prevent its spread. Please note this course runs without facilitation. The course is suitable for anyone with a general interest in health and disease - from school students to health professionals. Derek and his team won’t be available to answer questions or respond to your comments during this course. However, we strongly encourage you to interact and support each other by posting your thoughts and comments and sharing your knowledge with other participants. We hope that you will enjoy this course.

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Category of Education Medicine and Healthcare