Genomic Medicine: Harnessing the Power of the Human Genome

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Explore cutting-edge genomics data analysis tools and technology This course will advance your understanding of the rapidly growing use of genomics in the research, diagnosis, and treatment of clinical conditions. Discover the practical application of genomics in medicine As medical technology advances, new hugely powerful genomics technologies enable an individual’s full gene set – and even whole genome – to be analysed rapidly and simultaneously, with the aim of identifying pathogenic DNA variants. On this course, you’ll develop your understanding of the structure, organisation, and function of the human genome, and learn how genetic variants can disturb this function and cause disease. Learn how to make sense of genomic data Alongside leading academics from the University of Glasgow, you’ll explore how genomic analysis enables scientists to extract medically important findings. You’ll get to grips with genomic data analysis and build your skills in using sophisticated online databases and tools to analyse the latest human genomic datasets. You’ll also learn common terminology used in global genomic analysis and explore how genomic technologies can be applied in guided therapy for specific medical conditions. This course is designed for anyone interested in genomic medicine and the clinical impact of differences in our DNA. The course will be particularly useful for healthcare professionals, patients, and carer groups.

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