Electronic Engineering

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The Master's Degree Course in Electronic Engineering aims to train a highly specialized professional figure in the sector that represents the enabling basis of modern communication and information systems. To this end, the course examines methodological, design, technological and experimental aspects of analog and digital electronics, radio frequency electronics, microwaves, power applications, energy conversion and production, sensors and for microelectromechanical systems. In a highly competitive and rapidly evolving production context, the Master's Degree program must be able to foster the maturation of an adequate design and continuous updating skills aimed at developing traditional systems through consolidated technologies and, at the same time, must make the graduate capable of facing new problems in emerging scenarios. Graduates in the class's master's degree courses must therefore: have an in-depth knowledge of the theoretical-scientific aspects of mathematics and other basic sciences and be able to use this knowledge to interpret and describe engineering problems that are complex or that require an interdisciplinary approach; know the theoretical-scientific aspects of engineering in general and in depth those of electronic engineering, in which they are able to identify, formulate and solve, even in an innovative way, complex problems or those that require an interdisciplinary approach; be able to write technical specifications and reports; be able to discuss proposals and plan projects; be able to conceive, design and manage complex and / or innovative electronic circuits, systems, processes and services also through the use of IT tools for assisted design; be able to design and manage highly complex experiments; be equipped with contextual knowledge and transversal skills; be able to use adequately, in written and oral form, at least one language of the European Union besides Italian, with reference also to the disciplinary lexicons be able to autonomously provide for continuous updating Graduates of the class will carry out professional activities in the design of electronic circuits and systems with particular reference to custom, semicustom integrated circuit electronics and embedded and programmable logic systems. The main employment opportunities are therefore: Electronic and microelectronic devices and components companies; Companies of electronic and microelectronic systems and equipment; Companies such as electromechanical, electrotechnical, space, aeronautical, automotive, naval, etc., which have departments in which electronic equipment and systems are developed; Consulting firms in the electronics sector.

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Category of Education Technology and Engineering
Sectors Professional, scientific and technical activities
Classification Other professional, scientific and technical activities


Piazza Università, 2, Catania , 95131, Sicilia, Italy