Plasmonics: From Fundamentals to Modern Applications

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Gain a wide view on the physics of light interaction with metal nanostructures. In this course, you will learn about thewhole diversity of unique effects appearing at the junction of nanotechnology, subwavelength optics, quantum mechanics, and solid state physics. You will find out how giant field enhancement near metallic nanostructures can be used for detecting single biomolecule, and whether it is possible to build a nanometer scale laser. Within the framework of the course, we will discuss in details the fundamental principles of light interaction with plasma oscillations in solid state. By passing our course you will: step-by-step learn the field of plasmonics starting from optical properties of metals to the latest applications of plasmonic nanostructures get the minimal theoretical background, which will be illustrated and supported by the describing experimental techniques and discussing the cutting edge scientific results. get a hands-on experience on how to describe the plasmons in various nanostructures such as single metallic nanoparticles, nanoparticle oligomers and periodic arrays, plasmonic waveguides and wires. In the final part of the course, you will have an overview of application of plasmonics in chemical biosensing, nanolasing, light trapping, and optomechanical control. The course is divided into five sections: Electromagnetic properties of metals Surface plasmon-polaritons Localized surface plasmon resonances Bulk plasmon-polaritons Applications of plasmonics This course is aimed for graduate and undergraduate students who are majoring in physics and engineering science related to optics. As well as researchers who want to gain or deepen their knowledge in the field of modern photonics.This course can give a boost to your educational or academic career, and potentially will stimulate you to conduct your own research in this field.

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