Data Science and Society

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Contact Warandelaan 2, AB Tilburg, 5037, Netherlands


Program and courses

Data Science and Society is a multidisciplinary program that gives you the opportunity to specialize by offering four tracks: Business, Governance, Media, or Health. Your track will be stated on your Master's diploma.

  • You are trained to identify patterns and gather insights from large and complex datasets.
  • You learn how to translate those insights into actionable solutions and recommendations to meet practical needs in the chosen domain.
  • Besides that, you get acquainted with laws and regulations that are relevant for data science and data scientists, particularly private and public law.
  • Finally, you learn to take ethical issues into account, such as issues regarding privacy, accountability, or human autonomy in decision making.
Typical courses per track are:
  • Business
    Business Intelligence and Data Management, Business Analytics and Emerging Trends, Customer Analytics, Deep Learning

  • Media
    Computational Statistics, Complex Systems, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing

  • Governance
    Governance and Policymaking, Analytics for Business and Governance, Natural Language Processing, Data science: sustainability, privacy and security

  • Health
    Health Analytics, Complex Systems, Deep Learning, Data science: sustainability, privacy and security

Specific details

Category of Education Social Science


Tilburg University


Warandelaan 2, AB Tilburg, 5037, Netherlands