Business Administration and Economics

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The programme is articulated into three years. The first two academic years share a basis of common training courses. On the third year, students can choose between two different curricula, Business Administration or Economics. Graduates in our programme will acquire: – knowledge of methods of analysis and critical interpretation of the structures and dynamics of the company, by acquiring the necessary skills in multiple subject areas: economic, business, legal and quantitative; – adequate knowledge of business disciplines, which represents the core for both functional areas (management, organization, recognition) and types of companies from various sectors (manufacturing, trade, services, public administration); As for specific objectives of vocational training and employment opportunities, it is possible to carry out external activities with internships in companies and public or private national and international organizations. The specific educational objectives of inter-CDL (L33 and L18) in Business Administration and Economics is to prepare graduates to perform: 1- a technical role in the management of national and international businesses useful to identify and address 2- specific problems in the field of the best companies, according to a systemic perspective consistent with an international organisational and/or multinational environment; 3- a role of reader and interpreter of micro and macroeconomic phenomena compared with a prospect of both market and institutional dynamics and real phenomena currently prevailing in the international economy.

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Category of Education Business and Economics
Sectors Financial and insurance
Classification Financial service activities


Via Cracovia snc, Rome, 00133, Italy