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The objective of studies in the study programme of Biochemistry and pathobiochemistry is preparation of the student for autonomous scientific explanation of molecular principles of life processes in the human organism, their direction and molecular mechanisms of their disorders. 

Biochemistry and pathobiochemistry is concerned with the issues of biomacromolecules, i.e. proteins and enzymes, polysaccharides, lipoproteins and nucleic acids, as well as their component units and other important low molecular weight substances in living systems (amino acids, peptides, saccharides, lipids, steroids). The objective of the field is also explanation of their mutual changes and their role in cell signalling. Another very important sphere is the research into super-molecular cell structures and their function. The programme also focuses on the principles of disorders of the said structures and their functions, i.e. on the molecular nature of the origin, development and course of pathologic states. One important part of the study is the physiological and pathogenetic importance of reactive forms of oxygen and nitrogen; the subject of the study programme is mechanisms of action of the substances that damage the nucleic acids and biomembranes. In the study programme, attention is paid to research into disorders of cell signalling, including cancerogenesis and atherogenesis, molecular nature of hereditary and acquired metabolic disorders, mechanisms of maintenance of stable internal environment (metabolic and ionic balance) and the allied pathologic disturbances. The programme also deals with the development of new laboratory diagnostic methods.

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Category of Education Medicine and Healthcare


Ovocný trh 3-5, Prague 1, 116 36, Czech Republic

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