Artificial Intelligence (AI) Education for Teachers

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Today’s school students need to know about artificial intelligence (AI). They need to know what it is, how it works, how it is already being used in their everyday activities and how it could be used in their future. It is more than the ‘T’ in STEM, it is a combination of knowledge, skills and values. This professional learning course designed by teachers, for teachers, aims to bridge the gap between commonly held beliefs about AI, what it really is and how AI can be embedded into all areas of the school curriculum. AI can be used in English, in History, in Art and Music – it is not only a STEM-focused activity. This course will appeal to teachers who want to increase their general understanding of AI, including why it is important for learners; and/or to those who want to embed AI into their teaching practice and their students’ learning. Complementary student resources include an exciting opportunity to complete a Capstone Project focused on using AI to solve a local authentic issue. This course is aligned to AITSL ‘Proficient Level’ Australian Professional Standards at AQF Level 8.

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