Users with the "University" status can take advantage of the EDUCOM PROMO service.

1. How to acquire the status "University".

You should register on the EDUCOM.NET platform and specify "University" in the "Type of account" field. If you have previously registered as a user, then in the "My Profile" section you can change the user category to "University".

We draw your attention to the need to correctly indicate your name and contact information.

A user with the "University" status can post information about the educational organization and programs. Before posting information please read the Terms and Conditions.

2. What information about the educational organization can be placed

In accordance with the rules of the service, only information that has already been published on other resources on the Internet can be posted on the university page. This may include the website of an educational organization. Links to such external resources must be specified.

As a rule, one user can post information about only one university. If you want to post information about several educational organizations, please contact us.

3. How to post information about educational programs

A user with the "University" status can post information about programs. The information should contain a short description of the program, contact information, and a link to the university website.
Please note that you can post only information about the program, registration of participants must be carried out on the university website.

Within the standard package of the University user, no more than 10 programs can be placed simultaneously. If you need to post more programs on a permanent basis, please contact us.

4. How to promote programs

When filling out information about the program, you must select the "Promotion" option and indicate the duration of the promotion. If you do not plan to promote the program, just leave the field blank.
Once the "Promotion" option has been selected, you can choose to pay by bank transfer or card. After payment, the selected program will receive priority in the search section and will also appear periodically on the main page.