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1. Painting creation practice and theory 2. Research on art history 1. Introduction to compulsory subjects : Research Methods in Fine Arts ( 3 credits) "Art research methods" is the basic and core subject of art research. It systematically expounds the goals, types, methods, processes, and the writing format and main points of art research. Research methods, emphasizing the combination of theory and practice. Art History ( 3 credits) This subject focuses on the history of Chinese and foreign art development and style evolution, as well as the influence of politics, economy and culture on the development of art. The lectures cover ancient Chinese painting theory, Chinese modern art history, Chinese folk art history, Eastern and Western art exchanges and comparisons, Western ancient art history, Western modern and contemporary art history, cultural heritage and art archaeology, etc. Special Topics in Culture ( 3 credits) From the perspective of humanities, this subject teaches theories such as archaeology, art anthropology, and communication, and introduces the deep connection between art and social sciences in the form of special topics. Through the study of this subject, students will understand the relationship between culture and art and expand the horizons of art history research. Academic Activities ( 1 credit) Students must participate in at least ten academic activities recognized by the college, such as lectures, seminars, visits, etc. organized by the school. After each activity, students are required to submit a one-page (A4) activity report, which will be reviewed by the designated tutor. The subject aims to cultivate students' comprehensive quality, broaden their academic horizons, and cultivate their innovative thinking. 2. Introduction to the compulsory / elective subjects of the major : Special Topics in Art ( 3 credits) From the perspective of art, this subject uses the form of special topics to discuss and tell about the research methods or research objects of art. Such as iconography, art history, religious iconology, visual psychology and other theoretical sources, introducing artistic phenomena and development paths. Special Topics in Art History Theory ( 3 credits) This subject will introduce the origins, evolution, qualities and types of art, with an emphasis on illustrating the close relationship between art and culture. The purpose is to enhance students' artistic literacy and cultivate their cultural heritage. For the students of the major compulsory courses (art history research), the requirements for teaching and evaluation are relatively high. For extended reading and learning of related professional works, they must have unique opinions in combination with their own research directions. For the students of the professional elective course (painting creation practice and theory), teaching and evaluation require to understand the basic laws of art development, the expression of art, and to guide their own painting creation. Painting Creation Practice ( 3 credits) This subject mainly introduces classic paintings and artists' creative practices, creative techniques and creative laws. Through the guidance of teachers and classroom learning, students can understand the basic theory of artistic creation and master certain rules of artistic creation and painting techniques. For the students of the major compulsory courses (painting creation practice and theory), the teaching and evaluation requirements are relatively high, focusing on the techniques and styles of painting types, and determining their own painting style and research direction. For the students of the professional elective course (art history research), teaching and evaluation require basic grasp of the characteristics and techniques of painting types, and creative creation. Art Social Practice / Internship (3 credits ) Art social practice/internship is an important part of talent training in the Master of Fine Arts program. It is not only a test method for theoretical study, but also a preparation process for master's graduation creation and dissertation. Graduation Creation ( 6 credits) Students applying for graduation (painting creation practice and theory) must complete a graduation creation, which should focus on specific topics. It is a complete embodiment of the combination of theoretical knowledge and practice. Graduation works can reflect real life, pay attention to historical themes, and comprehensively and systematically present two years of learning results in a visual way. Thesis (6 credits ) Students applying for graduation must submit a master's thesis and pass the thesis defense. The dissertation must be an original research on a certain issue in the field of fine arts, and it should fully present the main research questions, research methods and important conclusions. Students majoring in "Painting Creation Practice and Theory" must write a dissertation of no less than 15,000 words. Students majoring in "Art History Research" are required to write a dissertation of no less than 20,000 words (excluding footnotes, charts, references, and appendices).

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China Avenida Wai, Long, Taipa, Macao

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